The witness to the world

About this time I was sorely exercised in going to the courts to cry for justice, and in speaking and writing to judges and justices to do justly; in warning those who kept public-houses for entertainment, that they should not let people have more drink than would do them good; and in testifying against their wakes or feasts, May-games, sports, plays and shows, which trained up people to vanity and looseness, and led them from the fear of God-the days they had set forth for holy-days were usually the times wherein they most dishonoured God by these things.

In fairs, also, and in markets, I was made to declare against their deceitful merchandise, cheating and cozening, warning all to deal justly, to speak the truth, to let their yea be yea, and their nay be nay; and to do unto others as they would have others do unto them.

I was moved also to cry against all sorts of music, and against the mountebanks playing tricks upon their stages, for they burdened the pure life and stirred up people's minds to vanity.

I was much exercised, too, with school-masters and school- mistresses, warning them to teach their children sobriety in the fear of the Lord, that they might not be nursed and trained up in lightness, vanity and wantonness.

Likewise I was made to warn masters and mistresses, and fathers and mothers in private families, to take care that their children and servants might be trained up in the fear of the Lord; and that they themselves should be therein examples and patterns of sobriety and virtue to them. So all Christians and all who made a profession of Christianity ought to train up their children and servants in the new covenant of light, Christ Jesus. ...

But in this free spirit of the lord Jesus was I sent forth to declare the word of life and reconciliation freely, that all might come up to Christ, who gives freely and who renews up into the image of God, that they might sit down in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.