First openings

About the beginning of the year 1646, as I was going to Coventry and approaching towards the gate, a consideration arose in me, how it was said that "all Christians are believers, both protestants and papists"; and the Lord opened to me that, if all were believers, then they were all born of God.

At another time, as I was walking in a field on a first-day morning, the Lord opened to me "that being trained at Oxford or Cambridge was not enough to fit and qualify men to be ministers of Christ" and I wondered at it, because it was the common belief of people.

Another time it was opened to me "That God, who made the world, did not dwell in temples made with hands". This at first seemed a strange word, because both priests and people used to call their temples or churches dreadful places, holy ground, and the temples of God. But the Lord showed me clearly that he did not dwell in these temples which men had commanded and set up, but in people's hearts.