To all Friends' Meetings everywhere

This is for all the children of God, who are led by his spirit, and who walk in his Light, in which they have life and unity, and fellowship with the Father and the Son, and one with another.

Keep all your Meetings in the name of the lord Jesus, that be gathered in his name by his light, grace, truth, power and spirit. By which you will feel his blessed and refreshing presence amongst you, and in you, to your comfort and God's glory.

Now all Friends, all your Meetings, both men's and women's, monthly, quarterly and yearly, were set up by the power and spirit and wisdom of God. In them you know and you have felt his power, spirit, wisdom and blessed refreshing presence among you, and in you, to his praise and glory and your comfort. So that you have been a city set on a hill, that cannot be hid. ...

As for this spirit of rebellion and opposition that has risen formerly and lately, and is not of the kingdom of God and heavenly Jerusalem. It is for judgement and condemnation, with all its writing, words and works. Therefore Friends are to walk in the power and spirit of God, that is over it, and in the seed that will bruise and break it to pieces. In which seed you have joy and peace with God, and power and authority to judge it. Your unity is in the power and spirit of God, and does judge it. All God's witnesses in his tabernacle go out against it, and always have and will.

Therefore all to stand steadfast in Christ Jesus, your head, in whom you are all one, male and female ... and know his government, and of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end. ... Therefore in God and Christ's light, life, spirit and power walk and live in love and innocency and simplicity. And dwell in righteousness and holiness. ...

Let no man live to self, but to the Lord, and seek the peace of the church of Christ and the peace of all men in him, for blessed are the peacemakers. Dwell in the pure and peaceable heavenly wisdom of God, that is gentle and easy to be entreated, that is full of mercy. All striving to be of one mind, heart, soul and judgement in Christ, having his mind and spirit dwelling in you, building up one another in the love of God, which edifies the body of Christ, his church, who is the holy head thereof. So glory to God through Christ in this and all other ages, who is the rock and foundation, the beginning and the ending. In him live and walk, in whom you have life eternal, in whom you will feel me, and I you.

All children of new Jerusalem, that descends from above, the holy city which the Lord and the Lamb is the light thereof. In it they are born again of the Spirit. So heavenly Jerusalem is the mother of those who receive Christ and have power given to them to become sons of God, and are born again of the Spirit. Such come to heavenly Mount Sion, and to the innumerable company of angels, and to the spirits of just men made perfect. They are come to the Church of the living God written in heaven. They have the name of God with the city of God written on them. So here is a new mother who brings forth a heavenly and spiritual generation.

There is no schism, nor division, nor contention, nor strife in heavenly Jerusalem, nor in the body of Christ, which is made up of living stones, a spiritual house. Christ is not divided, for in him there is peace. Christ said In me you have peace. He is from above, and is not of this world. Therefore keep in Christ and walk in him. Amen